Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tool: 9

1. Why do you think it is important to tie the technology to the objective?

Tying the technology to the objective allows students to be more engaged. Nowadays, students are all about technology, and they are always eager to use it in the classroom.

2. Why should we hold students accountable for the stations/centers?

We need to hold students accountable for the stations/centers; after all, it will be their stations. They need to be responsible for the equipment and know the requirements of using the stations.

3. Visit 2 of the applicable links to interactive websites for your content/grade level. Which sites did you like. List two to three apps you found for the iPod Touch/iPad that you can use in your classroom.

(1)Living language- Spanish for iPad
(2)Educreations Interactive Whiteboard
It seems like there are less apps for foreign language than other subjects. However, there are some I would definitely like to use for new vocabulary

4. What do you see that station looking like?

Assuming there is space in the classroom, I would probably line up the stations along the wall. I would like to have enough space for at least two students in each station.

5. How can you hold the students accountable for their time in these stations?

I would probably have a daily participation grade for using the station. There would be a certain amount of work the student would be responsible for according to the their time in the station.

6. What about other ways to use the iPod Touch/iPad? Share another way you can see your students using the device as a station. I'm not sure yet!

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